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Linda Lane-Devlin ICADC Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Coach

Linda Lane-Devlin
Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Coach

Linda Devlin founded Success Online Coaching on her belief of doing the right thing for clients, associates and employee groups. – and this principle is firmly intertwined in Success services and culture.As CEO, Linda has championed some of the best talent to carry Success Online Coaching mission forward. The drive and innovation to help the needs of customers worldwide resulting in problem solving and solution focused ideas in issues that hold us back from being our true selves.Values of fairness and respect were instilled in Linda by her grandparents, Linda got her start working in the social services industry for over two decades and continued onto being one of the top Executive Management Leaders in the Health Care Industry also involved in many Provincial and National Strategies in Health Initiatives including the council on Workplace Health and Wellness in which the building a Psychological Safe Workplace “practical approaches to Success” were implemented and the creation of the New National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace.Linda’s commitment to her team and service provision is to provide creative solutions that are easily accessed for today’s busy world. For the majority of her adult life, Linda has been teaching and coaching adults in a variety of settings including lectures, discussion groups, seminars, classroom teaching, tutoring and one-on-one coaching. Passionate about personal development.
Counsellor Darren Galer

Darren Galer
Marketing Director
Co-founder / Addiction Counsellor / Coach

Darren Galer has an enthusiastic approach to change, combined with a sophisticated sense of insight. His approach is very comfortable and brings about a sense of ease. There are various techniques in which he offers insights to address the issues of emotional baggage, healing from abandonment, putting your past behind you, the trauma of being raised in an addictive family system and avoiding triggers that can lead you back into your addictive behaviour.He has been trained by “the best” in Group Facilitation and has found a niche in working one on one with motivation and self-realization techniques. Due to his very approachable and inviting energy, he is often asked to speak or host events and conferences that address addiction in the family, the legacy of addiction, family roles, the recovery process, issues that affect recovery, relationships, shame, denial, and how to talk with children of any age about addiction and recovery.He has been in countless TV interviews, news articles, and currently co-hosts Talk Recovery Radio Show on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Darren is accredited through the International Certification of Alcohol and Drug Counsellors and works in one of the top residential treatment centres in North America.
Sandra Golding - Leadership Coach

Sandra Golding
Leadership Coach

Sandra is a progressive, bilingual leader with substantive executive experience in complex community health care. Sandra is known as an original and inspirational person committed to putting clients’ needs first. She is a strategic thinker who fosters empowering partnerships. Leadership and organizational development are key strengths.Sandra has successfully led organizations through start-up, turn-around and mergers by using knowledge of natural living systems, emotional intelligence, brain-compatible organizational and empowering partnering theories.Sandra's quest to profoundly understand health-promoting relationships is ongoing and she brings this to every coaching experience. She is recognized as being humble, respectful and optimistic. When helping clients, Sandra draws from her experiences as a CEO, leadership coach, university lecturer, nurse researcher, mother of 3, grandmother of 2, and lover of mother nature.
Kathryn George

Kathryn George

Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Alberta, a UBC certificate in Peer Counselling, and a Substance Abuse Counselling Certificate from Vancouver Community College. She is registered with the Canadian Addictions Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF), with an International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor (ICADC) designation. Kathryn has been married for over 30 years and is a mother to 3 grown children. Reflecting her core values of helping others and giving back to the community, she sits on the board of directors of a Women’s Residential Addiction Recovery Centre as well as works as an addictions therapist at a residential treatment centre for men whose lives have become unmanageable due to substance use and/or mental health disorders.Kathryn recognizes that effective counselling requires a high degree of self-knowledge and awareness and draws on her own warm nature and personal life experience to create strong therapeutic alliances with her clients. She has both knowledge and comprehensive experience in facilitating addiction treatment and living skills groups, individual counselling, providing assessments and referrals for appropriate addictions treatment, case management, and creating collaborative, personalized and comprehensive treatment plans while recognizing the client’s self-determination. Kathryn’s counselling approach is Biopsychosocial based, with a foundation of understanding family systems.She has broad knowledge and understanding of individuals and families with, or affected by substance use disorders. She has experience with relapse prevention, supportive continued care, harm reduction, and intervention strategies.Kathryn is also recognized for her experience in Workplace Health and Safety as a Violence Prevention Specialist who demonstrates solution focused problem solving and educates behavioural health care professionals how to manage conflict and/or crisis-type situations.
Susanna Ericson Addiction Counsellor

Susanna Ericson
Addiction Specialist

Susanna completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Social Work with a minor in Drug and Alcohol Studies at Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA. She also completed all core classes for a Master's of Counselling Degree at West Brooke University, Weirton, WV. Susanna is certified to facilitate Breaking Barriers, the Cenaps Corporation Relapse Prevention Program and the Matrix Personality Typing.Susanna is certified in Motivational Recovery Counselling, and Understanding the Male Soul Counselling. She trained with Claudia Black's "The Illusion of Immunity: Relapse." She also trained with Dr. V. Schnell, Ph.D. in "Presenting Spiritual Concepts in Our Counselling."In her career Susanna has worked in variety of capacities and groups, including counselling families, couples, adolescents, adults and elder adults.She is a compassionate, laid back professional who naturally puts people at ease. Susanna specializes in outdoor therapy activities and helping others explore and deepen their personality spirituality. Her extensive experience in treating addictions and the practice of relapse prevention have helped thousands of individuals advance in recovery.Social Treatment Opportunity Program, Pine Lodge Pre-Release Washington State DOC. Susanna was promoted to the NW Area Unit Manager of Chemical Dependency Programs, where she traveled to all the prisons in NW Washington supervising all the Chemical Dependency programs and staff. She helped to start the first Adolescent Chemical Dependency Treatment Program at Callum Bay Corrections Center, Callum Bay, WA. Susanna helped start the first long term Chemical Dependency Therapeutic Community of the Washington State Prison System at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center. She acted as liaison between DOC and contract staff.For seven years Susanna was Treatment Director for Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers, Everett, WA.Susanna moved to the Riviera Maya to study the Mayan and Mexican cultures. Having lived there for years now she has personally evolved spiritually, emotionally and physically taking in the sun, the ocean, the people and healing energy of the area. She has continued in her therapeutic skills to help people locally and within the Mayan villages that surround the area. Now she wants to focus her energies to help people utilizing a variety of experiential group techniques to promote healing, well being, joy and deepening of spirituality.
Bereavement Counsellor Nick Rigma

Nick Ringma
Bereavement Counsellor

Nick Ringma studied at Calvin College, MI and is a graduate of Simon Fraser University. He holds a SAC from Fraser Valley University and an ICADC and ICCDP from the Canadian Addiction Counseling Certification Board. He has served as an addictions therapist, development director, senior counselor and program coordinator since 1997 at the Last Door, he has a breadth of experience in organizational management, marketing and corporate development.Prior to joining Last Door, Mr. Ringma managed Miller Electronics' growth from one store to 45 Sony Stores for Gendis Inc. and served as President of the retail division for Sony of Canada, he focused as a change agent on the restructuring and expansion of several Canadian corporations. Currently he also serves as a director and chair of the Clinical Supervision Committee of the CACCF. As Senior Counsellor Mr. Ringma is actively involved in strategic, client and special operational objectives at the Last Door.He specializes in stages of change, bereavement, reintegration and reorganization support for persons in transition.
Valerie Kuilboer

Valerie Kuilboer
Addictions Specialist

Valerie has over 20 years of clinical experience working in the area of substance abuse and concurrent disorders, in various roles such as Director of Clinical Services at a residential treatment center, inpatient counselor, Intensive Addiction Coordinator, Inpatient and Outpatient counselor, Coordinator of a Support Worker program. She has extensive clinical experience working with individuals, families and groups within an outpatient clinic, school based prevention program, harm reduction programs and a withdrawal management center. Valerie has presented addiction workshops within a community and university setting for the public and professional sector. She has completed studies in addiction, trauma, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, emotionally focused therapy and solution focused therapy. Valerie has provided supervision for students of Social Work, Child and Youth Care, and Criminology. Her passion is in the area of human potential for resiliency and capacity building.
Ben Gustafson

Ben Gustafson
Addictions Counsellor/ Recovery Coach/ Life Skills Coach

Ben Gustafson has been a counsellor for 6 years and has experience in working with Youth (13-24) and adults in a variety of settings, and specializes in substance misuse treatment. At a young age, Ben was thrown into large scale leadership roles as the Executive Chef of many kitchens. As a result of his early experience of leadership and responsibility, Ben has developed a knack for relating to people of any age. While working as a chef Ben discovered a passion for coaching and helping people, and began his journey from Chef to Counsellor. Ben is someone who has made a major life changes, and knows the difficulties of feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life due to fear of the unknown. Throughout this transition, Ben learned that change comes easier with extra support from professionals and peers, as well as compassion and understanding towards oneself. Ben has been able to turn this experience into an asset and help many people find success in the transitions they have chosen to make. Ben’s easy going personality immediately creates a calm and safe environment for change and personal growth.

Ben was trained by “The Best” in Substance misuse treatment and employs a solution focused, resiliency approach that empowers people’s strengths and assets readying them for the second stage of their recovery.

Combined with life experience, Ben has knowledge and comprehensive experience in facilitating addiction treatment, life skills groups, and individual counselling, providing assessment and referral for appropriate addictions treatment, case management and creating collaborative, personalized and comprehensive treatment and aftercare plans.
Maggie Pierre

Maggie Pierre
Life Coach

Maggie has always had an optimistic approach to life as well as a passion to right society’s wrongs. Her calm demeanor, openness and sense of humor immediately put clients at ease. Maggie has a Master’s in Social Work from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, a certificate in Coaching from the Boston University Graduate School of Social Work and is independently licensed in social work in Massachusetts. Maggie is a member of the National Association of Social Workers in the US and has worked in the social work field with children and adults individually and in groups for 20 years in Massachusetts and California in a variety of areas and settings. The areas and settings include child welfare, juvenile court, substance use, foster care and adoption, family shelters, hospitals, home based and outpatient mental health therapy utilizing different therapeutic interventions. Maggie has also worked extensively with schools in order to ensure that the educational and behavioral needs of children and teenagers were met. Maggie has also worked to help clients organize their homes and office in order to make their space more functional and productive. Prior to going into private practice, Maggie was a supervisor for mental health/social service care coordinators as well Master’s level clinicians and interns. Maggie is personally very familiar with the uncertainty of pursuing new ventures and making life changes as well as the anxiety this can create. Maggie loves helping people push through barriers imagined or real in order to achieve their goals.
Wendy Simpson - Life Coach

Wendy Simpson
Community Engagement Director
Co-founder / Certified Coach

Wendy has been supporting people in the social service field for over a decade, and has worked with individuals, families, and couples.

A strong humanitarian who believe that turning the focus inwards is always the answer. "When we better ourselves, we are better able to relate,understand, work with, live with, and support our partners, family, and co workers."

Wendy has a wide range of experience with, intercultural relationship and communication, facilitating life and parenting skills, employee negotiations, support though health issues, addictions and stress management.

Wendy's calm, supportive, solution focused approach allows people to feel comfortable discussing any issues and assists in identifying barriers that may be hindering forward motion.