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Confidentiality Policy

Success Online Coaching handles information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and the Personal Information Protection Act (British Columbia). Staff will advise clients of their rights with regard to privacy and confidentiality.

All participants in online coaching and counselling services can expect that all personal information provided to Success Online Coaching will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Success Online Coaching will release personal information concerning a Client with the written permission of that Client (unless ordered by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction).

On occasion, Clients may request that Success Online Coaching staff share information with other persons or organizations. In all such cases, written consent of the Client is required.

Success Online Coaching regularly reviews its privacy practices, and updates this policy as needed.

Limits to Confidentiality

Children in Need of Protection

Success Online Coaching is required under the Child, Family, and Community Service Act of British Columbia to report instances where it has reasonable cause to believe a child is in need of protection to the appropriate authorities. Whenever possible, parents are to be advised of the substance of the complaint, unless doing so would clearly create danger to a child or children.

Duty to Warn – Potentially Suicidal/Homicidal/Dangerous Clients

Success Online Coaching has a duty to protect the client from him/herself or to protect others if the Client is perceived as a threat. In the case of a suicide threat, a medical referral or hospitalization may be instituted. If the Client is considered to be dangerous to others, the police and/or a threatened person(s) may be informed. The Executive Director or designate must be informed of such an incidence by way of unusual occurrence reporting.

Legal Proceedings

Staff members shall give evidence in court on a Client-related matter only in response to a duly served subpoena, and upon express order of a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction.

Please see also our Website’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.