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Health & Wellness Coaching For Chronic Illness

Health & Wellness Coaching For Chronic Illness For those suffering from a chronic illness and chronic illness conditions, often words are not enough to describe the overwhelming effects they endure on a daily basis. Unless you have experienced the helplessness, despair, frustration, and anger people often feel, understanding what they are going through is difficult. Health and wellness coaching for individuals, couples and families experiencing chronic illness helps them cope with the emotional challenges related with the chronic illness. We know that living with a chronic illness and the conditions associated with it can be difficult for people and their families, often interfering with daily routines, exhausting family resources, and creating conflicts within the relationship or family. They may experience anxiety, depression or other psychological symptoms linked directly to dealing with the chronic illness. These signs can worsen the medical condition, obstructing the ability to follow treatment and creating family disorder. Our Health and Wellness Coaching for Chronic Illness includes:
  • assessment and unique therapy planning
  • crisis intervention
  • stress management techniques
  • self care strategies
  • helping parents, and spouses deal with behavioural and emotional problems by affected children
  • pain management techniques
  • self esteem building exercises
  • grief and loss counselling