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Aftercare Counselling

Addiction Counselling Successful completion of a addiction treatment program is a major step forward for anyone trying to recover from the nightmare of addiction. Though treatment is a vital part of the recovery process for many addicts, alone it is often insufficient to bring about lasting recovery. We have found that in order to function out there in the ‘real world’, the recovering person often needs a period of ongoing support. This is referred to as aftercare treatment or aftercare counselling. Aftercare often represents the difference between abstinence and relapse. Addicts are never truly ‘cured’. Overcoming years of active addiction is a huge step for anyone. Treatment saves lives, there is absolutely no doubt about that, though it is just the first step in a life-long process of recovery. Learning to understand the basis for their addiction, contributory factors, how to cope with and manage cravings and temptations, and how to develop more healthy behaviours that will sustain them are very important parts of the recovery process. During treatment clients become used to a structure, a regular schedule of activities, duties and recreational time. When treatment is finished though, a vacuum is often created. The person is now out in the world, having to deal with situations and feelings that they may not be confident enough to handle. In fact, relapse is a concern during the first six months following treatment. For this reason, many addiction professionals recommend that clients leaving treatment participate in an aftercare program. Our aftercare packages are tailored to each client’s individual needs. Alcohol and drug addiction and food disorder treatments can be discussed upon assessment.